Due to strain and stress, headaches are not an uncommon occurrence
Due to strain and stress, hea­da­ches are not an uncom­mon occur­rence© Gpoint­stu­dio | Dreamstime.com [Dream­sti­me RF]

Fact #1

All in all, the­re are around 250 dif­fe­rent types of hea­da­che. They are grou­ped into pri­ma­ry and secon­da­ry hea­da­ches. Hea­da­ches are cau­sed by irri­ta­ti­on of the head’s organs that are sen­si­ti­ve to pain, such as the men­in­ges, the skull, or blood ves­sels in the brain, while the actu­al brain mat­ter is not sen­si­ti­ve to pain.

Fact #2

The pri­ma­ry hea­da­ches inclu­de ten­si­on hea­da­ches, clus­ter hea­da­ches, and migrai­nes. Hea­da­ches cau­sed by sexu­al acti­vi­ty or coughing are also coun­ted as pri­ma­ry hea­da­ches. The­re is also the thun­der­clap hea­da­che, which occurs sud­den­ly, but is harm­less in its­elf. Howe­ver, given that it cau­ses the same kind of pain as life-threa­tening brain haemor­rha­ges, it is still advi­s­able to see a doctor.

Fact #3

Secon­da­ry hea­da­ches are usual­ly the con­se­quence or side effect of ano­t­her ill­ness. For examp­le, alco­hol, a cold, or the con­sump­ti­on of nico­ti­ne or cof­fee can all cau­se secon­da­ry headaches.

Fact #4

Accord­ing to the ‚Bar­mer Arzt­re­port‘ 2017, 1.3 mil­li­on adults suf­fer from hea­da­ches, mea­ning around 400,000 more peop­le are affec­ted than in 2005. Fur­ther­mo­re, around 40 % of child­ren and young peop­le bet­ween the ages of 9 and 19 take medi­ca­ti­on when they have headaches.

Fact #5

90 % of all hea­da­ches can be attri­bu­t­ed to ten­si­on hea­da­ches, with migrai­nes being the second most com­mon. The­se can occur bet­ween one and six times a mon­th and last up to 72 hours. Migrai­nes do not occur without fur­ther side effects. Tho­se affec­ted suf­fer from nau­sea, sen­si­ti­vi­ty to light and noi­se, and some­ti­mes from vomi­t­ing. In many cases, they are pre­ce­ded by impai­red visi­on and pro­blems fin­ding words.

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