Saving livesHow good is your first aid knowledge?

First aid is an important subject, not least since Simon Kjaer, captain of the Danish national football team, used first aid to help save the life of his teammate Christian Eriksen during this year’s European Championship. In general, everyone should be able to apply first aid measures. So Rechtsdepesche is here to improve your knowledge of first aid:

Goodbye, cigarettes6 Different Ways of Giving Up Smoking

For smokers, the air is getting thinner and thinner. Their social prestige is in decline, fewer and fewer places allow smoking at all, the health risks are well-known, and the next tobacco tax increase is imminent. We have collected some tips, tricks, and methods for everybody who wants to quit smoking.

A widespread affliction5 Facts about Headaches

Due to strain and stress, headaches are not an uncommon occurrence, particularly for care and nursing staff. In some cases, they can become a source of great anguish for those affected. In Germany, around 1.3 million people regularly suffer from headaches. Here are five facts about this widespread affliction.

Wound treatment and care5 Facts about Chronic Wounds

A chronic wound severely impacts the quality of life of those affected, but what exactly is a chronic wound and what kinds of treatment are available? The following article sheds light on these and other questions.

Pioneer of American Nursing5 Facts about Mabel Keaton Staupers

Mabel Keaton Staupers was a Caribbean-American nurse, known particularly for her work in combatting racial discrimination in American nursing and for her commitment to improving Black Americans’ healthcare. The following 5 Facts shed light on her life and key parts of her legacy.